Training Courses and Carry Concealed Weapons Class

The 2nd amendment guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Exeter Gunslinger's CCW Course is designed to train and properly test one's skills in handling a firearm. Obtaining a CCW is a privilege and should be respected in all manners. Our course instructors are NRA certified and trained amongst the best in their field. Having a gun in your house is one thing; carrying a gun is another. In a CCW Course instructed by Exeter Gunslingers, an understanding of fundamentals for carrying a lethal weapon is enforced. If you wish to legally carry a lethal weapon, enroll today for the CCW course.

Tier 1 / CCW

This is a great class for those that may be familiar with pistols or have no experience at all.

Tier 1.5 CCW Renewal

This is a shorter version of the Tier 1 class focused for CCW renewal.

More Coming

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